Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas ornaments

Hello everyone.  We got 15 inches of snow here in Iowa.  I think we will not be going anywhere for a while.  I decided I was going to post some pictures of my favorite ornaments from my childhood.  I just can't wait to get them out each year and at the end of the season I wrap them up carefully and put them in an ornament box.

These two pictures are of my favorite ornaments.  I put the two on the same branch so I could get them in the picture together.

I have two sets.  The bulb shape and the long skinny stripe kind. 
The bird is not vintage!  :)

I love the Santa's on my shelf.  The one on the right is actually a tree topper.  He is just way too heavy to put on any tree.
Thanks for stopping by to take a look.  I am off to make some more cards.


Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Heather, your ornaments and decorations are sooo pretty! I LOVE that first ornament so much!! Thanks for sharing the link with me....I'm so glad you did.

Have a great day and a very merry Christmas, Girly!

Mona Pendleton said...

Your home looks so wonderfully decorated! Thanks for sharing :)

Lisa McCarty said...

Love your Christmas ornaments. My 12-foot tall Christmas tree is covered with vintage Shiny Brite ornaments that remind me of my childhood. Vintage stuff rocks.


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